Last month our TY students participated in another series of workshops to develop their cooking and first aid skills and connect with their peers. Our three groups engaged in each workshop taking away valuable life skills from each workshop. 

Group Alpha began their workshop by cooking up a storm at the Cookery Cottage in Cork. During this workshop our TY gained an insight into how an industrial kitchen works, they examined the rules and regulations around Safe Food Ireland and they also made Burritos and Christmas Cookies. 

Group Beta participated in the An Tobar Nua Retreat in Cobh GAA Hall. The theme of the retreat was Happiness and the group gave lots of very positive contributions throughout the day. They played some team building games, reflected on some life situations and even had a rave to end the day! 

Group Gamma were trained by Karen from the Irish Red Cross in essential, lifesaving First Aid. Our students were trained in the skills necessary to recognise and provide first aid training for injuries and sudden illness until medical personnel arrive and take over. These skills are very important and could save lives.

The Red Cross Movement, with 97 million members worldwide, is the largest humanitarian aid organisation in the world today and we are grateful for our local branch here in Cobh.

Here are some highlights of all three workshops…

All three workshops will be repeated in March 2023.