Leaving Cert.

All students take the following subjects to examination level:
Irish- unless student has exemption from Department of Education & Skills, English and Maths LCVP (if students have the subject combinations required by Department of Education & Skills.
They also choose four of the following, (one must be French, German, Spanish or Geography): French, German, Spanish, Geography, History, Art, Business, Accounting, Economics, Home Economics, Music, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Design Communication, Graphics, Agricultural Science or Construction Studies.

Students make further subject choices before the start of 5th Year. The greatest possible level of choice is given to students, subject to resources and availability. Preference will be given on a first come first served basis, where there are limits on class size. Preference regarding subject choice is given to students currently enrolled before students applying for enrolment. Changes in subject choice are permitted when there is available space in the subject- this is subject to the approval of the Principal/Deputy Principal. Irish, English and Maths are organised into higher and ordinary level groups. The decision regarding assignment of students to classes is made by the Principal/Deputy Principal.

Non-Examination Subjects:

Physical Education
Tuition in various subjects opposite LCVP
Career Guidance