Junior Cycle

At present, all students study the following subjects to examination level:
Irish* (unless students have an exemption from the Department of Education & Skills) English, Maths, History, Geography, CSPE, Religion, Science, Physical Education (P.E.) (non-exam), (SPHE) (non-exam).

Optional Subjects (1 language plus 2 other subjects)
French, German, Spanish, Business Studies, Home Economics, Art, Technical Graphics, Materials Technology (Wood), Music.

Students are divided into four or five mixed ability base classes in 1st to 3rd Year. In second and third year, classes in Irish and Maths are divided in accordance with the levels taken by students
i.e. higher, or ordinary. Classes in other subjects will be of mixed ability. The greatest possible level of choice is given to students, when selecting optional subjects for 1st Year, subject to resources and availability. Preference will be given on a first come first served basis where there are limits on class size. Changes in subject choice are permitted when there is available space in the subject- this is subject to the approval of the Principal/Deputy Principal. Parents/guardians are advised to encourage students to stay with the study of subjects at higher level for as long as possible.