Well done to all our students on their return to school last week!

We would like to say a special well done to our First-Year students who have been getting to know our school, our staff and getting stuck into their new subjects. A special thank you to the Meitheal Team who have been helping the First Years settle in, giving them tours of the school, helping with their lockers and organising Ice Breaker games for them. 

A few reminders for the coming weeks: 

1: Keep to the left when walking around the corridors. 

2: Try your best not to gather in a group outside a classroom, this avoids a blockage in the corridor. 

3: Be familiar with your break time yards for small break and lunchtime, for wet and dry days. 

4: Remember to bring the materials you need to each class. 

You all are settling into Coláiste life-well done everyone! 

📷Ca of Ca’s Cabin and GICN Cobh