This week our TY students participated in a Wellbeing Workshop. They really enjoyed their Teen Speak workshop on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Through her short drama, Colette Forde created a safe environment for students to experience the emotional pain teenagers can feel and to understand how therapy can help to move forward. Tears, smiles and laughter shared in the interactive workshop and a very moving and sincere experience for students and teachers alike. 

Teen Speak aims to normalise help-seeking behaviours and destigmatize therapy. Delivered by Colette Forde, an actress, a NSPCC phone counsellor for Childline, a drama facilitator at Graffiti Youth Theatre and a First Class Honours Youth and Community Work graduate at UCC.

The workshop comprised of-

a) A humorous yet poignant play about a teenager having her first therapy session.

b) A highly interactive workshop designed to dissolve the barriers and misconceptions that impede young people from reaching out for help. 

Thank you Colette.