Last week our Transition Year students participated in their History Significant Learning Day. They visited Spike Island, and they took part in an historical treasure hunt that saw them discover some of the historic landmarks around our town. 

The focus of the tour was on sharing our history in a fun and interesting way, as we learnt about the island’s social life, and its nature and geography.

Then it was on to the imposing Fortress Spike, where over a dozen museums and exhibitions await, on subjects like Cork Harbour history, Irish independence, Prison life and Ireland’s largest military gun park, with cannons, artillery and tanks!

Our groups explore the ancient Island of Spike where they discovered the vast history of the island stretching back to the 7th Century. They examined the prison cells, kept watch from the lookout towers and even experienced the punishment block. 

The second activity of the day was a treasure hunt in Cobh where each team had to follow cryptic clues to discover each historic location. A great day was had by all, here are some highlights…