The Leaving Cert Oral and Music Examinations have been confirmed for the period Saturday 9th to Thursday 14th April, inclusive

General Advice

All students should by now have received the relevant details (dates and times) from their Irish/Modern Foreign Language/Music teacher. Those who haven’t can contact Mr Kieran Walsh (Exam Aide) through the chat function on Teams or alternatively at  

Please note that all times are approximate, so students are asked to attend at least 20 mins before their assigned time. Mobile phones and/or other recording/electronic devices are prohibited in the examination room and such devices are to be left outside. Masks are optional. 


It is intended to initiate late examinations from Wednesday 4 May for situations where a candidate is absent through illness, for example, at the time the examinations are held. An application for such arrangements must be made by the school authorities and must be supported by medical evidence to reach the SEC on or before 15 April 2022 using the Late Application form which will be available on our website under the Examination Information section. It will not be possible to make alternative arrangements for any candidate other than those mentioned above. Medical certification is required in all circumstances including for reasons of absence due to Covid- 19.

Further details will be given to students on Teams over the coming days.

Kieran Walsh