The Meitheal team are rocking it this year. 

They have trained all the 125 first year students in hands on CPR cardio pulmonary resuscitation. With one and one engagement and a team, hands on approach first year students left the hall smiling saying ” that was fun!” 

The 5th year team also facilitated the Christmas fun games and activities for First years making their Christmas season merry and jolly. This was a memorable hit with the first years who enjoyed karaoke & quiz “the karaoke was the best Miss”.  

The “Love Simon” movie during the “All Together Week” was screened and supervised by these 8 students. Organising and pulling the events together is indeed no mean feat.

Thanks to Meitheal Team who facilitated these events and made our First Year school days’ more interactive, informative and fun. 

Ms Culhane Meitheal Facilitator 

From Left to Right 

Back row: 

Noah Coffey, Jack Murphy, Olan Kelleher

Front Row: Ms E O Brien, Saoirse Hamilton, Aislinn Hackett,  Shauna Clifford Histon, Casee Durnin, Ms M Campbell