Well done to the Meitheal team for their innovation & competence in training the First Year students.

Irish people are among the most willing in the world to try CPR when they witness someone having a heart attack, with bystanders taking action in 84% of cases.

That is according to the annual report from the Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Register OHCAR Ireland (2020), and Irish people should be proud of this record, said Professor Conor Deasy, chair of the register.

At Coláiste Muire we are helping maintain this statistic as the Meitheal team trained the first years in CPR compressions this term.

Using mannequins and CPR Training videos provided by the Irish Heart Foundation the Meitheal Team were hands on in helping the students get confident with CPR & how to respond in a cardiac emergency situation.

A great achievement for the school & for the community.