Please see the information below in regards to our Exam Week next week and the Supervised Study sessions on offer to our students in the lead up to their Exams. Timetables will be distributed this week. 

 Coláiste Muire Cobh Exam Checklist

  • I know my timetable. Each year’s timetables will be given out this week.       
  • I know what room I am in for each exam. 
  • I wear my full school uniform each day. 
  • I turn off my phone and smartwatch & put it in my bag for every exam. Bring a regular watch for timekeeping in each exam.  
  • I have pens, pencils etc. with me.  
  • I have extra materials I might need- calculator, colors, graphics set. 
  • I bring water with me- Keeping hydrated is important. 
  • I have books to study for my next test with me in my bag if I have completed an exam.  
  • Remember talking is not allowed during any exam so if you have a question put your hand up! 

Supervised Study Timetable for the next two weeks in school: 

Tuesday 22nd November: Supervised Study 3.45pm-6.15pm (3rd, 5th and 6th Years)

Wednesday 23rd November: Leaving Certificate Supervised Study 1.15pm-3.20pm 

Thursday 24th November: Supervised Study 3.45pm-6.15pm in Rm 23 for 6th Years. 

Friday 25th November: School Closed 

Saturday 26th November: Weekend Study 10am-1pm €5 per session (All year’s welcome) 

Sunday 27th November: Weekend Study 10am-1pm €5 per session (All year’s welcome) 

Exam Week: 

Monday 28th November: Supervised Study 3.45pm-6.15pm 

Tuesday 29th November: Supervised Study 3.45pm-6.15pm 

Wednesday 30th November: TBC 

Thursday 31st September: Supervised Study 3.45pm-6.15pm