While we know that the majority of our students care for and respect our historic town of Cobh, it was very disappointing to receive correspondence from Cobh Tidy Towns about litter near our school and our students littering at lunchtime. Our students are encouraged to go and get their lunch and return our school building and not to remain near the shops along the town or around Lower Midelton Street. 

The correspondence read as follows: 

Dear Fergus,

As we head to Dublin for National Tidy Towns Awards today again, I have to highlight the littering by students of Colaiste Muire at Khyber Pass and Lower Midleton Street at lunchtime. I saw the before and after for myself with food wrappers and a multitude of vape boxes thrown on the ground. 

So disappointing when we are working so hard to keep Cobh looking well. We’re very hopeful for good results today and eyes will be on Cobh for good reasons. This does not reflect well on our thriving hardworking Cobh which depends on visitors to our unique picturesque town.

Thank you-Cobh Tidy Towns

The vast majority of the student population here in Coláiste Muire were very disappointed to hear this news, it is a minority of our student population who are littering at lunchtime. We all need to make an effort as a community to care for our town and take responsibility for our rubbish. There are ample bins around our town and our school for you to use. We encourage all our community to remember this, especially at lunchtime.