Key stat: 67% of what we learn is lost unless reviewed within 7 days…therefore weekend revision is essential to exam success.

Students are now entering a key phase of their exam preparations. Sustainable goal-setting can help. Study Goal #1 should be to revise a week’s coursework THAT weekend. Weekend study centres help. Running for the last seven years, 100% of students who attended said, when surveyed, that studying on Saturday and Sunday mornings have helped them improve their grades ‘by a significant amount’.

All agreed that weekend study complemented after-school study programmes. 80% credited weekend study with enabling them to remain in Higher Level in at least one of their subjects. 65% of students who achieved 400 points or more in their Leaving Cert had attended weekend study on a regular basis.

An Easter Study Camp will run from Saturday 9th to Thursday 14th inclusive from 09:30 – 13:00 in the Library. Cost: €5 per session. All welcome.