Dear Students and Parents and Guardians,

We are looking forward to welcoming our 700 students back to our classrooms this January. To stay safe, we need to continue to implement the Covid Protocols we have been following since August 2020. Please take a few minutes to remind yourselves of your responsibilities.

1: Mask Wearing at all times in the school building. This means your mask must be worn correctly (including covering the nose). Please have at least one spare mask in your school bag in case of emergencies.

2: Sanitizing your hands when entering our school building and when entering a classroom. There are lots of sanitizing dispensers in our school-use them regularly. 

3: Cleaning and wiping down of touchpoints. They include your desk and chair. Wipes are provided in each classroom. 

4: Windows in our building need to be open to allow for adequate ventilation in our classrooms. They do not all need to be fully open if ventilation is adequate.

5: Carbon Dioxide Monitors are in our medium and small size classrooms. They are an excellent way of monitoring the air quality in each room and have been successful in the previous term. 

6: Uniforms Thisterm we will be experiencing cold weather. Layering under your uniform is advised. Our school jacket and school fleece will keep you warm in school. Any additional layers should be worn under these. 

7: Symptoms of Covid 19 – If you have any symptoms of Covid 19 it is important you follow current public health guidelines. The current variant is presenting in sore throats. Do not come to school if you are displaying any symptoms of the virus. If you feel unwell after you arrive in school, you will have to go home.

It is important we all take the relevant precautions to keep everyone as safe as possible again this term. This variant – Omicron – is very infectious The good news is that if you have been vaccinated you will be protected against severe illness.

During this wave of the pandemic, we may see different levels of staffing and student attendance and the school may have to make decisions on staggered openings by year group at short notice.

Fergus O’Brien