On Thursday last, students from 5th and 6th year received an hour long talk from Nicole Ryan of Alex’s Adventure.

Nicole told the story of how her brother Alex died in 2016 when he took a synthetic substance which he believed to be less potent than other drugs.

Nicole has changed her career as a result of this life-changing experience and is passionate about educating young people with regard to substance misuse and the real life effects our choices have.

Students and teachers listened to a very informative session on synthetic drugs, Illicit drugs, overdose symptoms and how to help in an emergency situation. Nicole also discussed the right of people to say No and the importance of accepting that No.

The session ended with spontaneous applause for Nicole, following her heartfelt recount of Alex’s final journey.

Thank you Nicole for sharing Alex’s Adventure with us.

Students and parents can learn more at www.alexsadventure.ie