Science Week ran from 7-14 November and here are some highlights from our science classrooms this week and a very competitive competition. 

Science Week Trailer-

1-🧪 Whole School Competition-Our Science Department ran a competition based on the Elements of the Periodic Table 🧪

❓ Everyday a clue was read out with the daily announcements.

❓The clue was for an element of the Periodic Table.

❓Students must rearrange the chemical symbols of the elements to spell a mystery word.

❓There were 5 symbols, one each day.

🕵🏼‍♀️ Once the final clue was given on Friday, rearrange the symbols into a word and submit to the Biology Lab.

🎉A prize for the Winner with the correct word will be revealed next week. 

2-🔬CSI Coláiste Muire…

🔬Below are some highlights of our Transition Year students carrying out a qualitative analysis of various white powders to identify a white substance found at a crime scene during their CSI Class yesterday.

3-Junior Cycle Science investigations-This week 3C are using effervescent tablets to investigate the factors that affect the rate of a chemical reaction.

4-2B Poster Competition-Congratulations to the winning posters about energy made by Mr. O’ Sullivan’s 2B Science class over our recent Midterm break. The winning designs each received a 🍫 prize. Well done 2B 👏🏼

📷Ms Feehan/Mr O’ Sullivan