Coláiste Muire is a Catholic co-educational school which seeks to reflect the vision of Catherine McAuley and Edmund Ignatious Rice founders of the Mercy Sisters and the Presentation Brothers.
Both Founders saw education as a means of giving meaning and enrichment to life. Our school is a Christian community of students, staff, parents, chaplaincy and management who work together towards the common goal of preparing young people for living life to the full, as committed Christians, as concerned and loving people and as responsible members of society.

We are a faith community and so;

  • we aspire to live the gospel values which are given expression in our policy and practice
  • students are given regular opportunity to experience faith as something living, through prayer and worship and the Christian attitudes of care, compassion, justice and forgiveness which are part of school life.

We believe in the intrinsic value of a broad education, so we;

  • provide a wide range of subjects from the national curriculum, strive towards excellence in state examinations and encourage each pupil to develop her/his potential and particular gifts.
  • foster in our pupils attitudes and skills which may help them to cope more effectively with change and challenge in society.
  • cherish our own Irish traditions & heritage and look forward to broadening our consciousness of European culture.
  • create opportunities for pupils to develop activities which will prepare them for the enjoyment & creative use of leisure time.

Our school recognises that each person is unique and has different gifts and needs. Therefore we endeavour to ensure;

  • there would be an atmosphere of acceptance & caring. Appropriate school structures would foster a sense of ‘belonging’.
  • students would leave us with enhanced self-confidence having had the opportunity to experience success in some area.
  • special concern is shown for pupils who are disadvantaged in any way and provision is made for non-academic students by adapting programmes of study and presenting them in ways more suited to their needs.
  • structures of discipline and responsibility are planned and administered so as to create an organised and safe environment for learning and to develop responsible freedom and mutual respect.

 The school exists to co-operate with parents and the community to provide education for young people in our area, so;

  • we build upon home/school links for the benefit of our pupils and value the dignity of each individual and her/his background, tradition and beliefs.
  • we welcome the involvement of parents in the life of the school
  • we acknowledge the importance of the school in the life of the local community and foster positive relations.
  • encourage pupils to become involved in service to others in the parish & community.